Upcoming Events

March 25 – April 1st, 2018

2nd Sufi Ruhaniat International Youth Jam

10th Annual DUP Leader Training


Special Guests Pir Shabda Kahn and Murshida Darvesha ~ Hosted by the SRI Youth Council

Join us and meet our Latin American family at EcoVillage Atlantida in Cauca, Colombia for a week-long exploration of the inner and outer manifestations of universal spirituality, the global shift, and the evolution of young leaders and future generations on the Sufi path.

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Tent: $120 USD  *  Simple Cabin Bed: $160 USD   *  Cabin with private bathroom: $190 USD   *  Commuter: $120 USD  *  Children: $50 USD

Young Adult/ Youth Tent Discounted Rate (Age 15-39): $99 USD
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